I’m Tikka Sears.

I use theater as a catalyst for personal & social change.

Advancing Dialogue •  Rehearsing Change • Interrupting Bias  • Embodied Learning  • Building Community

I’m Tikka Sears, Artistic Director of Memory War Theater and Co-Founder & Director of Theater for Change. I am a consultant, facilitator, teaching and performing artist, and theater director. I specialize in using theater and performance as a catalyst for personal and community change. I use storytelling and interactive/participatory theater to advance community dialogue and social justice, and to challenge concepts around race and equity through active embodied practice.  

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Do you want to bring new and meaningful dialogue about race, equity and social justice to your organization?

Do you want to become more comfortable with change making, allyship and standing up for racial equity in your community, workplace or institution?

Theater can reveal truths that are difficult to see and talk about otherwise. As a consultant and facilitator I make theater accessible by building creative skills that promote participatory education, community building, social justice, and personal and social transformation.  My services include:

  • Interactive Workshops & Trainings
  • Interactive Performance

  • Community Dialogue Events

  • Theater Pedadogy Consultation


I am the Director and Co-founder of Theater for Change, a collaboration between the University of Washington Center for Teaching and Learning and Memory War Theater, a Seattle-based theater company devoted to personal and community transformation through performing arts, partnerships and education.

Since 2012, Theater for Change has engaged thousands of audience members in intersectional, critical dialogue on issues such as White Privilege, Racism, Heterosexism, Policed Bodies, Socioeconomic Classism, Ableism, Interrupting Bias and Microaggressions.

“We get to feel, embody and bring to life our identities and experiences while learning about their impact on us and others. This work helps us re-imagine ways to intervene in problematic situations. We strategize and rehearse how to do this in real life.

– Theater for Change Workshop Participant


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